Donor Honor Roll

The Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin thanks these donors who have generously contributed to returning North Central Airlines to the air:


$35,000Mary and Terry Kohler

$5,000 – The Hayssen Family Foundation

DC-3 Aircraft Naming ($25,000)

The City of Clintonville

DC-3 Seat Naming ($2,500)

Capt. Harry Alton
  In Honor of Son Thomas J. Alton

Family of Hal Carr
  This jump seat is dedicated to Hal N. Carr, President and Chairman of North Central Airlines, who regularly yielded his assigned cabin seat to ticketed passengers.

Family of Lin Topping
  In Memory of Capt. James R. Topping 

DC-3 Window Naming ($1,500)

Family of Dan Conner and Family of David Conner
  In Memory of Capt. Ken Conner

Capt. Sherman Cornell

Sylvia Patenaude Evans

The Falenczykowski Family
  In Honor of Dick Falen, Bob Falenczykowski, and Lona Falenczykowski

Capt. Don Kiel

Capt. Mike Loehndorf (2 Windows)
  In Memory of Capt. Vern W. Loehndorf
  Capt. Mike Loehndorf

The Family of John & Sydney Rosenberg


Capt. Robert L. Anderson
Capt. Scott Grieger
Capt. William Hunchis
Randy and Kristine Krentz
Capt. Craig O'Mara
Capt. Bob Wick


Capt. Fred Amicangioli
Capt. Gary F. Bogner
Capt. E. G. Burt
Capt. Julie Clark
Capt. Dan Conner
Capt. Don Eide
John E. Engel
Marjorie and Richard Falen
Garth Good
Capt. Scott Grieger
Capt. Al Mondus
Alan and Jo Ann Morphew
L. Thomas and Janet Norton
Ruth and Art Perry
Capt. Randy Sohn
City of Sparta, WI


Jerry Baumann
John Biancke
Bill Buettner
Mrs. Terry S. Carr
  In memory of Capt. Woody Carr, Jr.
Donna and Ray Domagala, Retired NCA Pilots of SW Florida
The Honorable Craig Duehring
George Duehring
Frances and Duane Edelman
Lonney Ensign and Della Rigers Ensign
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Raymond Helminiak
Ned and Barb Hines
Ann Hogan
Mike Hogan
Donald Johnston
Gari S. Kohlhof
Keith Kurzeja (in honor of Karson Carol Kurseja)
Capt. Oak Mackey
Stephen A. Marks
John A. McClary (In Memory of Terry J. Kohler)
Gary Melelak
Capt. Kenneth Palmer
Capt. James O. Roberts
Kevin Schmidt
John Starry
Donean and Jimmy Szajkovics
Bill Wambach
  In honor of John & Jim Buchen, WWII C-47 pilots
Ernie Worthley

Under $100

Robert W. and Marilyn J. Akers
Therese Cosgrove
James Fischer
Four Wheel Drive Foundation
Margaret Hakun
Mark A. Thomas

Gifts of North Central Airlines Memorabilia

Joseph J. Brauer
Don Eide
Jon Helminiak
Jim Herritz
Sandy Johnson
Neil King
Dorothy Swennes
Trudi Theisen
Jerry Ulrich
Pat Weeden


The Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin is a 501 C (3) organization and all gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.