DC-3 N33632 — Her History

  • September 4, 1941: Completed by Douglas Aircraft Company in Santa Monica, CA
  • September 12, 1941: Purchased by Eastern Airlines. Accepted by Eastern president Eddie Rickenbacker.
  • November 1952: Purchased by the Purdue Research Foundation, Lafayette, IN
  • June 1953: Purchased by North Central Airlines
  • November 1964: Sold by North Central Airlines to Houston Aviation Products, Houston, TX for reconfiguration into a cargo liner
  • December 1965: Repurchased by North Central Airlines for use as one of three, DC-3 cargo liners in the North Central fleet
  • March 1968: Purchased by Gary Lewis, Baytown, TX
  • October 1974: Purchased by Holiday Aero Corp., Richmond, VA
  • October 1986: Purchased by Craig Parker, FL
    March 1995:  Purchased by John Barone, Las Vegas, NV
  • July 2016: Purchased by the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin for static exhibit and potential return to service as North Central Airlines.

Eastern Airlines

N33632 as Eastern Airlines in 1942

North Central Airlines

N33632 as North Central Airlines passenger airliner

North Central Airlines

N33632 as North Central Airlines cargo carrier

N33632 in Florida

N33632 in Florida, circa 1998

DC3 in California

N33632 today in California, waiting to be painted in North Central Airlines
colors and brought home to Wisconsin